Property Management in The Villages, FL – Do It Yourself?

Property Manager - The Villages

Sure you can do it yourself. But when it comes to renting your home in The Villages, hiring a professional property manager is an option you should consider. Here are eight simple reasons why a professional property manager can make your life easier:

  1. Less Headaches: The property manager provides distance between the property owner and the tenant which creates peace of mind and worry free rental property freedom to go about your daily life.
  2. Tenant Screening: Property Managers will screen the tenant for both their credit and background. Putting this chore in their hands will assure your property has a qualified tenant.
  3. Marketing your property: Establishing a marketing strategy to find your tenants and absorbing the cost of the websites, display ads and building a referral business. This equates to more income to the property owner due to the reduced time the property is vacant.
  4. Emergency Calls & Maintenance: This is the best reason of all! The property owner will not be contacted in the middle of the night to handle an issue. No wondering what the condition of the property is when a tenant resigns a lease or moves out. Maintenance issues can be handled professionally with the property manager.
  5. Knowledge of Area Rental Rates: Property Managers can help an owner to determine the best rental rate based on the local area. This can easily save you money if the property is occupied in a timely manner. Every month that goes by without a tenant is less income to the owner.
  6. Laws and Regulations: Property Managers are trained through licensing and continuing education on Federal discrimination laws and the State laws governing their industry. This knowledge can assure you that the rights of both parties are considered if there should be a dispute. Lease preparation with local legal counsel could save an owner substantial legal fees.
  7. Income & Expense Reporting: With the software a property manager uses for maintaining your record keeping, you can be assured of clear accounting. This information can be supplied directly to your tax adviser for ease of filing.
  8. Property Inspections: The property manager will do regular annual inspections or even more frequent depending on the needs of the tenant. This can assure the property owner through communications of any necessary repairs to keep the property in good condition.