Spring Fishing in Homosassa

It’s spring and the sun is out sending sparkles on the water and the fresh, lively breezes are calling you to go fishing! We have the place: Homosassa!


For untouched wildlife, stunning scenery, and not too many crowds you can head to Homosassa in the heart of Florida’s “Nature Coast.” Three rivers lead to the backcountry and flats, which go out to the bay and into the Gulf of Mexico.

There are plenty of fish you can catch here! Two of the Gulf’s most coveted inshore fish are redfish and spotted sea trout. An abundance of these can be found at the Homosassa, Crystal, and Chassahowitzka Rivers.

Redfish tail in the shallows and are wonderful to watch. They may put up a fight, but for the less experienced fisher, the trout aren’t far behind.

Catch and release fishers can enjoy aiming for snook and tarpon. There are few better places to find them than in Homosassa. In 2002, a 202lb Silver King was caught on the flyback! The spring is the time the tarpon come into the bay and rivers, and as the weather gets warmer, the snook will follow.

Other great fish you can find in Homosassa include snappers, groupers, cobia, and amberjack. You can even go hunting for scallops…yum!


No matter how you choose to fish, there’s plenty to aim for, so it’s a matter of preference. You could sit on the shore with a cooler and ice bucket, relax and let the world pass by. You find the right spot, set up camp…you can even find some rocky outcroppings…and just enjoy your day with nature.

You could get into a kayak and head out on the calm inshore waters. This way, you get a little exercise, a lot of adventure, find that nook or cranny in the waterways, then aim for light tackle action. You can find some great fishing boats at https://villages4sale.com/list-cat/boats-for-sale/

Where you have saltwater, you usually can find a fishing pier, but Homosassa is not very developed that way. If you venture a few miles north, however, you come to Crystal River and there are at least five great fishing piers there! The trip is worth it.

Finally, there are the fishing charters. You work your way along the rivers and across the flats aboard a larger boat. All the equipment you need is provided, and there are even scalloping charters that might provide you snorkeling gear. Bring your swimsuits to join the manatees and enjoy the experience!


  • The Chassahowitzka River: These waters may be brackish, but they are productive year-round. When the Gulf gets too cold, it becomes a haven for the saltwater fish.
  • The Homosassa River: Year round fishing, but best in spring and summer when record-sized tarpon and snook are there…and a sprinkling of scallops.
  • Roger Goettelman Memorial Fishing Pier: This is the largest fishing pier in Crystal River.
  • Saint Martins Keys: Turn north when you hit the bay and you can find the redfish at their finest. While best in the summer, they are there all year.
  • Black Rock Hole: This is the number one tarpon fishing spot in Homosassa, where that silver king was found.