How to Buy a Used Motorcycle

Starting a search for a motorcycle is an exciting experience. Before you get carried away, however, think about your level of experience and also how you would like to use the motorcycle. Thinking ahead will ensure you get the right bike for you. Are you looking for a racer, a cruiser or a sports bike? Do you want to ride the bike off-road, drive it to work, or go on a weekend poker run?

Research Motorcycle Prices

How do you get the best deal on a used motorcycle?

Prices can be researched through the classifieds. For instance, check out Motorcycles for sale in Lake City, Florida or Gainesville motorcycles on our classified sites. This will give you an idea of market price and what you can buy with your budget. Researching prices will mean you understand the value and condition of you bike. This knowledge will help you avoid buying too cheap under the impression that you have made a good deal, only to find your bike needs more work than you expected.

Check the Owner History

A motorcycle’s history can be checked at . You can find out if it has been in an accident, if it has been stolen or scrapped, how many owners it has had, and the year of registration plus make and model amongst other information. Make sure the paperwork matches the seller’s claims.

Check the Bike:

  1. Start the bike.
  2. Look for signs of an accident or severe rust. Does the bike look cared for?
  3. Drive the bike and try several maneuvers.
  4. Test the fork and the brakes.
  5. Look at the tire tread.
  6. Check for leaks and the quality of the exhaust fumes.
  7. Check the chain and that the handlebars move smoothly

If possible, have the bike checked by your mechanic. Although could be an added cost, it can be worth it. To ensure a pleasant riding experience, make sure you have the right safety gear. Never try to save money when buying gear that could save your life.