First 5 Things You Should Buy After Buying a New Home

Once you have closed on your home, there are a couple items you will need sooner than you can say housewarming party. Rather than wait, get these essential items right away. If any are already there, you should replace them.


Replace all the smoke detector batteries when you move in and each time the time changes. As long as you are in this section of the store, treat your home to a new flashlight and nightlights.


Do you want the dirt and dust of your last residence to come with you to your new home? Leave mites, bed bugs, and flea eggs at the door. Toss that old vacuum and buy one that is appropriate for the different surfaces it will have to keep clean. The broom and mop should be retired, too.

Garden Hose

Get the highest quality hose of at least 25ft. One for each spigot. A  roll-up hose organizer is a nice touch, but not necessary. A high quality hose will coil and uncoil easily without kinking. Extension cords are usually an aisle over, so grab one of those, too.


You are going to need tools. Get a set that comes with it’s own case. It should include a hammer, screwdrivers (flat head and Phillips), needle nose pliers, and wire cutters. Pick up a box of picture hangers, tacks and nails.  You may also find it handy to get a cordless drill.

Unless you just bought your household a new pack of scissors, get a set with various sizes. You’ll need someway to open all those moving boxes you packed up.

Wasp Spray and Cockroach Baits

These items should probably be used first. As soon as you have the keys, leave the baits in corners of each room and next to any exterior doors. Inspect the

exterior of the building for any wasps, and take them out before running to the car. You don’t want your moving volunteers to get stung.

If you find no wasps, put the can away. You’ll need it soon enough. Don’t use the spray (which can shoot 20ft ) inside the house.  Instead, use a flyswatter for any spiders you may see.