4 Home Improvement Projects In One Weekend

Refresh Your Bedroom

Giving a fresh look to the bedroom can be done quite quickly by giving the walls a new look and updating the soft furnishings.

Not every home improvement project has to be a complete renovation.

A new headboard for the bed can be created out of a variety of items, even reclaimed doors or windows. Remove the glass and cover the backs with foam board or fiber board. Dress up the pieces with any fabric or leftover wallpaper you have lying around.

Another idea to try is a symmetrical arrangement of mirrors on the wall, in the same way you would hang pictures. The mirror effect can brighten up a bedroom and make it seem larger.

Cover the walls with oversize pattern wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint for a sophisticated look.

If someone in the family is handy with a sewing machine, update your curtains and soft furnishings with some interesting matching fabrics. Bedding can also receive an upgrade with a new quilt cover or bed sheets.

Add some modern lighting for a contemporary look and voila!

Update the Kitchen Cabinets

Old and tired kitchen cabinets can be upgraded with fresh paint and modern handles or knobs. Some cabinet doors can be removed or given a new look by adding glass. Following are some ideas for the kitchen:

  • White cabinets look great against a color background wall.
  • Consider putting up some open shelving for added interest.
  • Chalkboard paint can be applied to one or more cabinets to use as a board for reminders and shopping lists.
  • Glass –fronted cabinets set against a blue wall in the background give a striking result.
  • The distressed paintwork look coupled with a granite countertop and brick walls/slate floors gives a nice vintage look.
  • Tidy the inside of your cabinets with modern storage ideas or slide-out shelving.
  • Removing a few existing cabinet doors can also make the kitchen look larger.

Add or Upgrade Molding

Molding projects can change the look of a room, dress it up, and add elegance.

Molding materials come in three varieties:

  • Stain grade molding
  • Paint-grade lumber
  • Engineered profiles

Besides the more common use around the ceiling and floor, molding can be creatively used to accentuate features such as windows, a fireplace, a bookcase, or around a door. Doors can also be given a new look with paneling made out of molding strips that are nailed or glued on.

Another idea is to create a recessed panel in the room using molding, which works great with some contrasting paint color. Another extra feature to add is medallions made out of polyurethane foam or polystyrene to add decoration where a light fixture is to be mounted.

Create a Home Office

An easy way to create a home office is to design and build your own workspace. You will need to design a desk, shelves, drawers and storage, and maybe a bulletin board.  Several designs can be found online to suit any level of DIY experience.

An innovative idea is to use metal brackets and an old piece of floorboard or other recycled wood to make the shelves.

Finally, buy a comfortable ergonomic chair, your back will thank you for it.