Joan Pletcher Real Estate Network

An Ocala resident since 1985 Joan Pletcher can honestly say that Marion County is just as friendly today as it was when she moved here. “The Thoroughbred business brought my husband and I to Ocala and people went out of their way to make us feel welcome and they haven’t changed one bit.” Of course these days Joan has become a part of the network of welcoming Ocalans through her involvement with Payton Training Center the Florida Horse Park Ocala/Marion County Chamber of Commerce Munroe Hospital and connecting people with properties. Personally as well as professionally Joan is extremely dynamic – choosing to specialize in estates training centers ranches and major parcels of land. “I love turning raw land into a development” she says. “Not one where they bulldoze everything and squeeze in as many houses as possible. I’m talking about the kind of development that saves the trees and the integrity of the land to give people a home where everything is just perfect.” Then again that’s what Joan is all about – making people happy – and oftentimes that requires more than just selling property. On more than one occasion Joan has been connecting properties with property managers. With her infectious laugh pure southern hospitality generous spirit & deep-seeded work ethic it’s no wonder the people she works with usually become close friends. “When I represent a piece of property it becomes a part of me. Whether buying or selling my goal is to have happy and satisfied customers while maintaining the integrity of my business.”

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