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High performance recreation
Maintenance Program for
both Gass And Electric

We do a recomended Maintenance program that will keep your cart in tip top condition !!
Electric Maintenance steps

1. Check Battery Cables 2. Clean battery cables 3. Tightened battery cables

4. Check battery water level ,fill if neccessary 5. Load Test Battery

6. Apply anticorrosion spray on terminals 7. Check battery charger

8. Check all wiring for physical damage 9. inspect brake components

10. Clean if worn out recomend to customer New Shoes

11. Lubricate Brakes 12. Inspect delta plate and spring bushings

13. Inspect suspension components 14. Inspect tires for ware

15. Check Tires -for air 16. Inspect wheel hubs and king pins 17. Inspect
stering components including rack boots 18. lube stearting wheel components

19. Inspect Differential 20. Inspect input shaft and ,motor for leakes

21. Check lights and turn signals 22. Check Horn and reverse beeper

Gas Carts

1. Check battery cables 2. clean battery cables 3. Tightened battery cables

4. Load Test Batteryes 5. Apply Anticorrosion spray 6. cgange Oil

7. change spark plug 8. Change Oil Filter , or clean oil screen

9. Lube primary & secondary clutch if applicable 10. Check starter generator

belt , and tightened as necessary 11. Check Drive Belt for fit and ware

12. Check air filter and or prefilter 13. Clean air filter and prefilter if possable

14. check fule filter 15.check fule pump 16. clean fule pump

17. Inspect brake Components 18. clean brakes 19.Lube brakes

20. Inspect the delta plate & spring bushings

21. Inspect suspension Components 22. Inspect tires for ware

23. check tires for air and fill if nessary 24. Inspect wheel hubs and King Pins

25. Inspect steering components including rack boots

26. Lube steering components 27. Inspect Differential 28. Inspect engine

for leaks 29. check lights & turn signals 30. Check horn and

reverse beeper.

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