Buying a Home in The Villages, Florida

Home for Sale - The Villages, Florida

Moving to The Villages, Florida — whether the planned community or the metropolitan area that shares the same name — is not like moving to another 55-plus community. It’s much more like moving to a new neighborhood or city in the range of choices you will be presented with and the factors you will need to consider. Homes for sale in The Villages range widely in floor plan, add-ons, interior design and situation, both offering the opportunity to find the ‘right’ home and making the choice all the more difficult.

Varieties and Models of Home Available

The Villages, as the name suggests, is a collection of villages arranged into districts. Each village represents a development stage, with building starting in the oldest village, Orange Blossom Gardens, in the 1970s, and the most recent villages still under development. Having been developed over such a long period, the planned community of The Villages offers a wide range of popular housing styles. Most homes will be of either concrete masonry block/stucco or traditional frame/siding build, with stucco homes often priced slightly higher. Homes in the region but outside the planned community come in an even wider range of styles.

When purchased new, homes for sale in The Villages are fairly basic — after all, the idea is that you are buying a lifestyle. However, the tendency in The Villages is for owners to invest considerably in their new homes, customizing their design, from countertop materials to added rooms or outdoor spaces. The result is that pre-owned homes for sale run the gamut of floor plans, fit outs and interior design, often offering a quality not captured by the sale price.

Typical Price Ranges

Careful management of  growth in The Villages has meant that prices for homes for sale have remained fairly steady over time, rather than skyrocketing with the popularity of the place. That said, you can expect to pay a little more for certain features, such as stucco or an extra golf cart garage. Golf course-side living will also add to the price of a home for sale, as such situations are highly desirable. As at 2015, the median price for a home in The Villages was 247,000. However, the price range is quite wide, and it is said there is a home for every budget.

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Community Fees

There are a few fees to keep in mind when buying a home for sale in The Villages, Florida. All buyers of a new home in the planned community have to pay a ‘bond balance’, the remainder of which transfers to the new owner of the home when it is sold. In addition, there are annual maintenance and amenities fees, all of which go towards the impeccable upkeep that makes the planned community of The Villages such an appealing place to live.


One of the defining features of The Villages community is the enormous range of amenities available for free to residents of the community. The Villages is a complete city unto itself, with conveniently appointed town centers for shopping, entertainment, medical appointments and business, as well as 50 recreational centers evenly spaced throughout The Villages, offering every sport and leisure activity imaginable. The Villages also boasts over 43 golf courses. When choosing between homes for sale, consideration should be given to the specific amenities available in that particular village, as there will be small, but potentially significant, differences.

Finding the Right Fit

As Parker Sykes says in his 50 Things to Think about before Buying a Home in The Villages: In terms of “affordability, low crime rates, good weather, super clean and organized common areas, lots of adult amenities and a nearly infinite opportunity to meet people and make new friends, … you would be hard pressed to find a clearer alternative than The Villages.” However, the enormous variety of choices of villages and homes within The Villages means that you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with the different villages, amenities and house styles through visiting, perhaps by renting first for an extended period. You can then make a more informed choice about the style of home and location within The Villages that is right for you.